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"I have been a mechanic for 30+ years and from time to time my body parts need to be coxed into working better. My therapist has done this extremely well and I know that with their help I can take care of myself. The GPT staff have always been great. Thank you again."

- Theo I.

"After 10 different doctors and $80,000 (insurance costs), my neurologist was the one who finally set up a schedule to go to GPT. After a very short time I felt like a new person and learned exactly why and what my problems were stemming from. I thought I would never enjoy physical activities ever again…until I went to GPT. This is why I continue to go back for any maintenance I need. I know my condition will never be 100% but GPT makes my life and activities 100% easier to do."

- Micha V.

"I actually started physical therapy with Mark Collins in Bedford. When he moved to Goffstown, I chose to go there and continue with Mark. This was a longer distance for me to travel, but was worth it because of Mark Collins' skill in treating my problem. He was always very patient and careful. Today, my leg is fine and I can walk and run as well as anyone else can. I'm sure that Mark Collins played a tremendous role in getting me on my feet again and living a normal life."

- Daniel A.

"I was pleased at the genuine concern my therapist has for his patients, he tells you what is going on with your body and what might help, both with his help and things you can do yourself. He made sure you understand all aspects of your therapy. I most certainly appreciate all that has been done for me."

- Charlotte B.

"I have been very pleased with the help that I have received. The office staff is helpful and respectful. My therapist always asks how I am doing at the beginning of a session and we work with what is in the most pain. She is very skilled and knowledgeable. I am amazed at how she pin points and treats my problems. She also teaches me what to do at home to help myself. I am feeling much better and now know that I don't have to live with my pain."

- Esme T.

"The physical therapist who attended me was incredibly knowledgeable. She was compassionate, and extremely professional. At this point in time, my condition has improved remarkably. Goffstown Physical Therapy is fortunate to have her. Allow me to comment on the attendants at the front desk. They were kind, friendly, and extremely efficient. Thank you for your outstanding services."

- Jacqueline H.

"One month after starting PT I was virtually pain free. The therapist explained what happened and how my treatments would progress and what I could expect from my treatments. The whole staff was so helpful and friendly. I have enjoyed my summer so much more. I recommend them highly to everyone who says they need PT. Thanks for all your help."

- Jocelyn K

"I was referred to Mark Collins by a colleague. I found Mark to be a confident, competent, and compassionate professional. He, and his office staff, pleasantly accommodated my hectic work schedule when setting appointments. I have highly recommended Mark to other and will continue to do so. In the event I am in need of treatment in the future I would pay privately, if necessary, in order to receive these fine services again."

- Walter A.

"To Bonnie and Staff at Goffstown PT, Your empathetic approach, caring, knowledgeable guidance and friendly atmosphere is a wonderful blend for healing! Thank you so much for working with me and teaching me what I needed to know and do to get my strength and quality of life back."

- Sylvia A.

"Thank you for all your help with my left leg. I will keep doing your exercises and remembering to walk with my foot straight. First thing each day I do the exercised and am grateful to you. I am happy to be able to climb stairs so easily and pain free. Thank you again."

- Lydia R.

"Two hip replacements in six months and GPT got me up and running. My therapist knew just what had to be done and had me starting slow and finishing fast. I will be skiing next winter thanks to him (I still don't think he endorses it, but he made it possible)."

- Emory B.

"Thank you for all you did for me to get my shoulder back in shape. The concern you showed for your patients' pain and discomfort is rarely found today. You're the ‘Number 1' physical therapist around. Thanks again."

- Andi M.

"The people at GPT are terrific. Bonnie Bastian saw to it that I got the exact therapy I needed and I have been feeling so much better. Thank you Bonnie and thank you GPT."

- Ed G.

"Following a car accident, I was treated at GPT. I found my therapist to be very professional, gentle and thorough. He really knew how to apply his knowledge of the human body and how it works. The hands on and exercises he gave me to do helped tremendously in making me pain free. I recommend him to anyone who is in need of physical therapy. He's the best!"

- Bob R.

"I appreciate your knowledgeable and professional manner, as well as your sense of humor! All this, and located in my own town too - I will recommend you highly in the future to my family and friends."

- Adam A.

"The staff was very professional. The office was clean and relaxing. My therapist, through his examination and knowledge, put me at ease. The treatments were very effective. The home exercises were also effective. The atmosphere is cordial. There was no long waiting period. My rating is a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Don't change. Thank you."

- Johann O.

"Very professional staff and therapist. The service did not feel rushed and visits seemed lengthy, getting my moneys worth. My therapist seems very knowledgeable in his field and I've made a full recovery. Thank you."

- Jaden Q.

"Being referred to GPT helped greatly in my recovery. My therapist explained my condition to me and set me up with strength training exercises. When I first went to GPT I had a very hard time going up and down stairs. After treatment I am happy to say I can walk up and down more than one flight of stairs at a normal pace. He also gave me an explanation as to why I had problems with my hips, which many other doctors couldn't explain. Thanks for giving me an explanation and a way to help alleviate the problem. I want to thank you for helping me in my recovery, as prior to GPT I had gone to another therapy practice 6 months before with no relief. I was then referred to GPT with great results. Thanks again."

- Seth L.

"I wanted to let you know that you all made my treatment pleasant and relaxing. I would recommend your office to anyone in need of good, professional physical therapy."

- Jessica L.

"My appointment was on time. The staff was very polite and helpful. Mark was very professional and understanding of my situation! Facilities are excellent, clean and bright. Nice parking too!"

- Connie A.

"I have never been to PT before and I was very pleased with everything I experienced with the whole process. All personnel are very helpful, upbeat and enjoyable. There is a nice atmosphere throughout the whole building. Actually I have enjoyed everything and I have made good progress with relief for the good old back!"

- Nancy S.

"I had terrible sciatic during most of my pregnancy. I went to GPT and felt awesome. My therapist knew how to deal with a pregnant woman, I never felt uncomfortable. They spent quality time, not like at other physical therapy places I have been where they are seeing more than one patient. When I get pregnant again I will be back for treatment. P.S. I never thanked you in person but you helped my pain so much, thank you for making my pregnancy tolerable."

- Naomi L.

"I have never received physical therapy before and did not know what to expect. You not only relieved the stress on my mind but also relieved the pain! I still get small occurrences of pain. I thank you for your time and I also appreciate the convenience of your hours. Always there when I need you! Your staff is the most pleasant and I never had a long wait on any of my visits (that's a plus!), thank you all."

- Riley Z.

"We have been very satisfied with my therapist's treatment. It was wonderful that she was always on time. We do not have insurance for PT, but your office seems very reasonable. The effectiveness of your treatment makes it all worthwhile."

- Tim E.

"When I had injured my knee and refused surgery, my doctor sent me to you. I would go into your office dragging my hurting leg, and in just minutes with your magic hands and exercises I would walk out with no pain. All of your staff was friendly and nice. Thank you."

- Aiden K.

"At Goffstown Physical Therapy, I got the needed help from my therapist after a knee replacement. The secretary was always very friendly and helpful. My four year old great grandson also enjoyed being treated there saying ‘Doc Mark was very nice'. Now we are both doing fine."

- Eliza C.

"My arm was in very bad shape and Bonnie's skill and patience worked carefully and slowly in gaining release of my restricted muscles. Within several months Bonnie's ‘miracle hands' had given me enough range of motion to start some very simple movements and arm exercises. Slowly she increased my exercises, always aware of my pain level. It was a slow but careful and successful process. Now I know I am close to full recovery! Thank you!"

- Vera G